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    CNC Machining Service
     - CNC Lathe & Mill Turn
     - Automatic Bar feeder
     - Automatic Lathe
     - Laser welding machine
     - Q.C. Tools
    RF antennas
     - VR (VHF)
     - CB (Citizen Band 245 MHz)
     - UA (UHF)
     - Accessories
     - Nipple drinkers for broiler and breeders
Nipple drinkers for broilers and layers
High quality nippler drinkers for poultry. 2 years product warranty
Our CNC lathe turning machine's capabilities
Double spindles and turrets CNC turn-mill, processes every step in a single machine, double the productivity and high precision.
Car decorative products
Apex Communication Co., Ltd.
Professional distributor of RF antennas and car decorates
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  Our Profession

Chanlert Co., Ltd. provides lathe turning service for OEMs and also a manufacturer of radio transceiver antennas for automotives. We have an extended production process starting from parts manufacturing, quality control, inventory control, assembly line and logistics to make sure that we are able to service our customers efficiently.

Whether you are looking for mass production or precise and complex machining, we are here to help. Chanlert offers you different lathe turning technology to suit your needs whether they are common standard parts or high quality and complex parts. Our machines range from ordinary lathe center to fully automatic 7-axis CNC turn-mill equipped with hydraulic bar feeder to keep the operation free from human error.


Our long term goal is to be a reliable partner for our customers and to be an innovative inventor in parts machining industry. We aim to achieve world class recognition in parts machining through the exploitation of the best technology available, operated by the team that is most reliable. Our success is measured by the ability to solve customer's problems and meeting up with their expectations or in short "Turns your ideas into workpieces"

Working with Characters
    • We grow the passion in the hearts of our team to look into things in a constructive way.
    • We live in the passion to innovate and the passion to make things happened with all we have.
    • We spread hunger for knowledge among our people as strength to drive the organization forward with our innovations.
    • We coach our people not only to dream but also to make our dreams come true through consistent practice and development, bringing our customers the inventions they expect and to be known as a pragmatic inventor.

  Company Policy

The aim is to help our customers solve their problems within our profession effectively and with hospitality through the philosophy - "Turns your ideas into workpieces."

  Organization work flow

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