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    CNC Machining Service
     - CNC Lathe & Mill Turn
     - Automatic Bar feeder
     - Automatic Lathe
     - Laser welding machine
     - Q.C. Tools
    RF antennas
     - VR (VHF)
     - CB (Citizen Band 245 MHz)
     - UA (UHF)
     - Accessories
     - Nipple drinkers for broiler and breeders
Nipple drinkers for broilers and layers
High quality nippler drinkers for poultry. 2 years product warranty
Our CNC lathe turning machine's capabilities
Double spindles and turrets CNC turn-mill, processes every step in a single machine, double the productivity and high precision.
Car decorative products
Apex Communication Co., Ltd.
Professional distributor of RF antennas and car decorates
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CNC part samples - machinery spare parts
(Click Overview to view part samples)

Machine spare parts

Screen changer in plastic extrusion machine - Material SUS303 stainless steel

The workpiece shows the capability of milling and drilling in interpolation mode

Barrel Cam - Material POM

Side groove milling using Interpolation between C & Z axis

Bearing shaft - Material JIS S10C Steel

Injection nozzle tip - Material: Stainless SUS304

The hexagonal dimension does not match any of the material size available and has to be machined using a revolving tool and Y-axis on the turn-mill machine.

Lathe turning nylon part 



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